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    <p>- Water leakage may create quick circuits in the fan, light, Television, fridge, or heavy currents to the wiring and switch boards.
    <br>- In Monsoon,attributable to moisture the ceiling turns into weak, and there may be possibilities of unintentional breakage of a large piece of Plaster.
    <br>- As there is moisture in the walls ,not solely the paint will get harm but in addition it is going to stay wet for a longer time and varied micro-organisms and micro organism will grow in the walls. Causing risk to your family’s well being.</p><p>When contacting Value Dry for an estimate James responded immediately. Very skilled and defined every step of the process. We absolutely acquired what we paid for. The job seems to be great the staff of workers were fast and environment friendly. Raoul defined what the staff would do. Again the professionalism can’t be beat. The job was completed ahead of schedule. All of the workmen were courteous and took special care to maintain the mess to a minimal. Highly suggest this Company</p><p>A polymer modified cement coating that’s authorized for meals-grade coating should be applied on the interior walls, be it underground or overhead concrete water tanks. Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K is an ideal alternative for dealing with this kind of downside. It’s a highly elastic acrylic modified cementitious coating that gives a protective layer of 1mm thickness and works effectively underneath various water strain.</p><p>When the soil can’t hold any more water, it starts to swell and may now not drain, so the overflow begins flooding into your basement. Swelling is perhaps so unhealthy that you simply may even watch as the water trickles in. You may forestall this from taking place in the future using the methods talked about above-set up a drainage system, set up gutters, and grade the dirt around the basement.</p><p>The acidity of rain water can neutralise concrete and bring down its pH worth. When its pH reaches 9, the protective film on concrete is damaged and corrosion is triggered. Rebars (i.e steel bars which might be used to supply extra support to concrete constructions) will go through oxidation leading to volumetric expansion of as much as 6.5 occasions when the rebars are absolutely corroded or oxidised.</p>

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