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    <p>Naturally, there’s far more to oral hygiene than simply an excellent smile. Take dental caries, for instance: No matter all our efforts, it’s still the only most typical chronic disease of youth, affecting two-thirds of U.S. children aged 12-19. It’s 5 occasions more common than asthma, 7 instances more typical than hay fever and it’s nearly totally preventable.</p><p>It is never too early to convey your little one in to fulfill our friendly employees and build a relationship with the dentist. Our facility and employees are outfitted to handle your kid’s remedy, and supply a optimistic dental experience. Establishing us as your kid’s dental family will give us the chance to implement preventive dental well being habits and retains your baby free from oral disease.</p><p>- Cavities are considered one of the most typical chronic diseases in children within the US.
    <br>- Children with poor oral health usually miss extra college and have decrease grades than youngsters with good oral health.
    – Youngsters between 5 and 19 years from low-income households are twice as prone to have cavities in contrast with youngsters from higher-revenue households.
    <br>- Fluoride varnish can stop 33% of cavities in child teeth.
    <br>- Youngsters who stay in communities with fluoridated faucet water have fewer cavities than kids who don’t.
    Dental hygiene information</p><p>Models:0.5
    Hours:9 hours LEC
    Prerequisite:See enrollment limitations.
    Enrollment Limitation:Acceptance into the dental hygiene program and completion of BIOL 430, 431, and 440; CHEM 305 and 306 with grades of “C” or higher, and with a cumulative GPA of 3.Zero or better; completion of DHYG 100, NUTRI 300 or NUTRI 400, ENGWR 300 or ENGWR 488, COMM 301 or COMM 331, PSYC 300 or PSYC 400, SOC 300 or SOC 400, Ethnic/Multicultural graduation requirement, and MATH 120 or greater with grades of “C” or higher and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher; completion of ENGRD one hundred ten or eligibility for ENGRD 310 as determined by the studying assessment process for all applicants who don’t have an AA degree or increased.
    Catalog Date:June 1, 2021</p><p>Why all this excellent news? Over the years, the public has come to higher understand a link between oral health and well being on the whole. In flip, demand for preventative services continues to increase. An increasing number of patients strive to schedule common teeth cleanings every six months. As dental hygienists are capable of perform routine dental upkeep, dentists are free to see more patients for extra complex procedures.</p>

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