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    At this point, it still seems like something interesting for A lucky number guide who has a strong trend in the Tiktok world with the most exciting lottery behind the person who has given the lucky number exactly the target for many draws. present this period Exciting lottery has released lucky numbers for the lottery and the gambler can continue to follow each other Will there be any numbers that are attractive? Let’s see.

    That comes out to reveal the lucky number through their own Tiktok is particularly interesting and another 261 61 41 461 46 14 16

    However, it must be admitted that it is interesting and interesting to follow and continues to be a good component or part of these things. Playing the lottery fully as well.

    Open the lottery statistics released on Monday, win 2 double numbers

    Lucky numbers for this draw 1/11/64 Lottery statistics released on Monday Are you ready to open the door of luck, lottery, lottery, lottery, lottery for this draw? Win wealth, keep an eye on the double numbers, the 2 conong numbers on the bottom, repeating out.

    Lottery for this draw, released on Monday, counting down before knowing the results of the lottery, lottery or lottery draw every day on November 1, 2021, has been converted to a way for the lottery.

    Collected lottery statistics released on Monday for 9 years (2013 – 2021) from the Government Lottery Office. Let’s come to be another way of lucky numbers 1/11/64. Let me tell you that 2 duplicate numbers, top-bottom, plus double numbers, triple numbers are available for you to keep an eye on. Let’s look at each other.

    Daily installment 16 August 2021

    1st prize, issued number 046750

    Last 2 digits 23 digits 3 front digits 421 , 666

    Last 3 digits 160 , 355

    Mysterious incense sticks at Chao Mae Takhian Thong Thip

    Wat Phu Taphao Thong Kut Mak Fai Subdistrict Nong Wua So District, Udon Thani Province, which corresponds to several holidays on the last day There are tourists Kos, devotional, merit, naga, gradually travel a lot, pay homage to good fortune, love

    including job duties From Tapaothong Rock, Grandfather Hinyok, Grandfather Chaomuchlin Phaya Naga and a thousand-year-old stump Chao Mae Thong Thip After passing through the screening point to filter the spread of COVID-19 In which everyone must wear masks, keep distance, live in a group of departments that come together. as follows to ensure the safety of all travelers If anyone does not act accordingly The temple will not allow visitors to worship at all.

    By lighting auspicious incense for a lucky number today Some see it as the number 365, others see it as 385, creating suspicion for the lottery. bringing together that Chao Mae Takhian He gave this lucky number a problem for the 4th time because of the previous 3 draws. Lottery cosplayers interpret the lucky numbers of the goddess’ problem every time. and เลขเด็ด had a lot of good fortune When you get a lucky number as you wish They held their cell phones up to take pictures. Bring it back to the house to look at the lucky number of the goddess problem. Take the risk of buying lottery tickets for the upcoming period.

    Grandfather Mughalin Nakarat and Chao Mae Takhianthong Thip is sacred and like to give good fortune to tourists And the lottery ticket seems to be every draw. which today is a holiday He and his family came together to make merit and make merit. Wishing for good luck, lucky numbers from you. because he is already a person who likes to risk his luck Today, he is very lucky.

    As a representative of auspicious incense, praying for good luck, lucky numbers from you and he saw the number 365,563, but some people saw the number 385,583, whichever one’s eyes could see. because the middle number is not clear Some people see it as the number 6, some people see it as the number 8 and they believe that the goddess gave it another lucky number problem this time. which if the lottery wins big or small They will walk back and forth to make merit and make alms. Help build the chapel at Wat Phu Taphao Thong here.

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