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    <p>Firstly, is the partnership liable for the printing press? Ann purchased a printing press for the partnership in its usual enterprise. In response to section 5, private loan this causes the agency to be bounded to the act of shopping for the printing press. Moreover, in accordance with part 6, Ann, Ben, and the firm is sure to the act of Ann shopping for the printing press for the aim of the enterprise. So, the partnership is liable for the printer.</p><p>Cosimo resisted having a political title but was broadly referred to as the first among equals. An observer on the time of his rule mentioned: “Political questions are settled in Cosimo’s house. The man he chooses holds workplace… He it’s who decides peace and struggle… He is king in all but title.”</p><p>(2) Any licensee who makes or causes to be made any be aware of a contract for a loan wherein the principal or charge of interest is, to the knowledge of the licensee, not stated or not really said shall be responsible of an offence and shall be liable on conviction -</p>

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