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    <br>3. ECU Coding / Parameter Changes / Part Configuration (initialization of new components, particulate filter regeneration, Diesel Injector coding, TPMS and so forth).
    4. Intelligent System Scan, complete scan of all ECU / ECMs on automobile platform, configurable by system.
    5. Full Car Info tree permitting automobile particular test of OBD performance without being related to a vehicle.
    6. Service Mild Reset and repair Interval Reset
    7. Diesel Injector coding
    Delphi Ds150e Price<br><br>1) All OBDII capabilities are available with out paying extra charges.
    2) 5 Car’s software program included, for others you must spend 19.9 (assist C Card, Pp, Tcode), 1 year duration
    3) 15 Reset Services: 19.95/year for one carmaker with the initial buy
    4) Reward points exercise: You may get 20 factors after “Remark 5 Star Praise”, 20 factors equal to “20”, which can be used to buy automotive model software program<br><br>- Higher price
    <br>- Some service capabilities not out there on all automobiles (notably ABS bleed)
    The FIXD™ Elite can diagnose and repair any GM car, from older OBDI programs to the most recent 2021 models. With full diagnostic and repair features, it’s a wonderful selection for skilled fanatics and professionals alike.<br>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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