Akasia KLG Online Schooling

Akasia KLG, makes it possible for toddlers and grade R’s to learn from home, without compromising on safety and a good education.

About our Online School

Akasia KLG online schooling was initialised to conform to changing times. Due to the Covid-19, pandemic, our learners are not able to attend school in the normal way. We had to find a solution to keep on teaching our learners, aged 2 to Grade R.
Teaching and curriculum will be based on GDE / Basic Education, CAPS program, combined with our own programs, and 37 years of experience, we will be able to assist your child’s learning in a meaningful way. Constant parent support will be available to assist parents and learners.
We have experienced teachers and an ECD specialist on staff, to give your child an education, born out of 37 years of successful teaching and service to thousands of learners.

Our School. Our Family. Our Community.

For 37 years Akasia Kinderlandgoed – ECD centre, provided peace of mind to parents, creating a safe and stimulating environment. Taking it further, children will now be able to keep on learning from the safety of home.
The wellbeing of our community and the education of the children must always be at the forefront of our thinking and actions.

At Akasia KLG, our 36 dedicated staff members, children and parents rather represents a large family, than just another educational institution. All will be done for the good of the community and the children of South-Africa.



Number and number operations. Patterns. Space and shapes.
Measurement. Data handling.

Life Skills

Colours. Cutting. Personal and physical development. Emergent writing. Visual memory. Perception. Auditory processing. Creativity and art.


Listening. Emergent reading and viewing. Talking. Thinking and reasoning. Language use and structure. Vocabulary.

Extra Classes

We also offer extra classes in Afrikaans, English and Maths for Grade R to Grade 7 through Akasia Study Help Centre.